Healing Energy Reference Chart

This beautifully designed chart demonstrates the relationship between various essential oils and the energetic properties they possess, as well as their relationship to Chakras, body systems, colors, and frequencies.

This chart is a visual aid, based on vibrational frequencies of Energy: color, light, sound, Chakras, essential oils and collective wisdom. Use as a guide to create “energy relationships” that promote self-healing and harmony. The essential oil inner-ring represents plant extract—color origin and its complementary color. The second ring of essential oils is based on Chakra balancing and oils to magnify intention. The outer-most ring represents ‘Energy Fields of Consciousness’ based on a logarithmic progression: if 10 = (10200) even a few points represents major advances. Levels below 200 are considered “Force” and destructive to life. Levels above 200 are constructive expressions and considered “Power.” This chart is foremost created as an artistic expression and designed by the laws of attraction. I hope to share its blessing upon you. It has not been approved by the FDA.

The Chakra system is based on wheels of spinning energy that connect us to external forces with an internal balance. When our Chakras are in alignment we are vibrant, healthy beings generating a higher field of consciousness. There are seven main chakras (122 secondary). This chart is expressing eight, with a condensed view of a more complex relationship to our health. Read more

healing energy chart/closeup

Each chart measures 24" x 36" for easy reading, and adds a professional touch to any office. These charts are coated for durability, and fold to 9.75" x 12" so you can easily take them with you anywhere.