About the Designer

Kari McDermott is a freelance graphic artist, painter, sculptor and writer. She is also a Certified Natural Health Professional and advocate for Earthʼs Medicine. Her unique ability to see things from a broad perspective and narrow them down to a simple form, allows her to design with a message.

In order to balance both hemispheres of her brain and work with current technology, it is required she learns new concepts and applies new tools to create “Self.” Always challenged by the desire to “be here now”, but not “be left behind” Kari shares her artistic side from a computer-generated-view to share her work and passion for this Earth. Of course, she would prefer fewer electronic tools, but would miss out on the potential of connecting with you, if she gave into her right brain dominance. Kari lives on a farm near Annandale, Minnesota. She has been a lifelong gardener and plant preservationist.

It took many decades for mainstream ʻthinkersʼ to catch up to the simple theory she has lived by, “You are what you eat!” She commutes from the garden to her Mac leaving a very small carbon footprint. And in fact, is barefoot most of the time leaving the soft impressions of her soul!

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